Those Few Days

Despite the inherent environmental worries that accompany sub-twenty degree weather mid way through our Cornish winter, we sure have scored incredible waves! We certainly haven’t battled those ice cream headaches or bitterly cold winds the north Cornish coast usually experiences towards the end of February.



Not really sure how any surf photographer gets any work done when there is the constant battle between two passions. Still, we managed our fair share of surfing throughout that hectic week of sun and waves. We arrived at one of Cornwall’s busiest beach breaks and one of the most consistent waves on bigger swell.

em board_small.JPG

South coast

After checking the forecast over a week in advance, anticipation had been building for the swell long before it was due and by the time Thursday morning trundled around boards were waxed and batteries were charged. On the arrival on Cornwall’s leading stretch of reef for first light the swell was definitely smaller than predicted. Yet, with the sun out and pristine conditions, there was nothing much to complain about. (below)